Just a few days ago, Evren Milano released a stunning rendering of a one-off Ferrari dubbed the 770 Daytona, which took inspiration from the original Ferrari Daytona and combined it with a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Today, Milano has released an image of another unique Ferrari rendering, this one called the F12 Berlinetta Giallo Acquila.

Just like the 770 Daytona, the Giallo Acquila is simply a pipe-dream put onto paper and released onto the net. With that being said however, due to a new collaboration between Pinifarina and Fioravanti, such a project can be turned into reality albeit if the right amount of money is offered.

In order to create a completely bespoke Ferrari, all one needs is a good design which would be road legal, lots and lots of money and a donor car. If all of those boxes are ticked, then you too could be driving around in your own, unique Ferrari!

Unfortunately, Milano has only released one image of the car, but from this image, some dramatic changes are evident. First and foremost, the Giallo Acquila features a redesigned rear end, including a new diffuser, exhaust system, duck-tail spoiler and blacked-out roof. Different side-skirts and five-spoke wheels are also featured.

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