Lamborghini has a long and storied history when it comes to creating wallpaper-worthy supercars. And with the recent recent of the V12 monster that is the Aventador, it doesn’t look like the raging bull will be letting up any time soon. It didn’t stop independent automotive designer Alex Imnadze from showcasing his vision for a next generation front-engine, rear wheel drive supercar baring the Lamborghini mark.

The Russian took decided styling cues from Lamborghini’s of old, including the Diablo, Miura and even the lesser-publicized Estoque. From the renderings, the car appears to be set up similarly to Ferrari’s most recent offering to the God’s of supercars — the F12. The absence of air-inlets feeding the rear section of the car lead credence to our speculation on the concept being front-engine.

Various styling cues such as the side-view mirrors and front fascia are easily seen as being inspired by cars like the Pagani Zonda and Ferrari F12, respectively. The Lamborghini badge that accents the rear taillights is attached the wrong way around on some of the pictures, but even with that being said, the car does look impressive. And with Lamborghini’s design language taking more and more cues from the Reventon, this concept fits right into the family.

While these are only renderings, Alex Imnadze seems to be quite a talented designer. Take a look at the gallery and see what you think. We think it looks awesome!

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  1. Perfect as a let’s say Gallardo replacement. Midengined with the masculine Aventador rear end and a new Muira fron end! This car would sell as hotcakes!


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