The French automotive museum, Cité de l’Automobile – musée national collection Schlumpf, purchased by the National Automobile Museum Association in October, 1980 and opening two years later is a lasting testament to the collection put together by the Schlumpf brothers.

The Schlumpf were Italian businessmen during the early 1900s, both of who eventually garnered a penchant for collecting exotic and beautiful automobiles. The museum was originally a factory owned by the HKD Textile company, which was later bought by the Schlumpf brother is 1957. It would later be turned into the car museum as it stands today.

French-based automotive photographer was recently able to photograph the staggering collection, allowing the world a glimpse into the staggering collection.

As you can see from the gallery of pictures included in this post, the collection is quite eclectic. Models range from relatively modern Porsche GT3 race cars and Formula 1 cars all the way to beautiful examples of the 1960s Ferrari’s.

A collection of cars that would have been worth a small fortune even back in the time of the Schlumpf brothers. The museum received a redesign in 2006, with styling crafted by French architectural firm Studio Milou Architecture.  According to the museum, “he designers wanted to highlight the exceptional architectural heritage of this former factory.”

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