BMW M5 F10 and E92 M3 by IND

IND Tuning finished on a BMW duo project based on a BMW F10M M5 and a BMW E92 M3 both belonging to a customer named Louis. IND admits that Louis’ open mind allowed them to broaden their creativity and as a result, these two emerged as shown in the photoshoot.

The M5 F10M received an Eisenmann exhaust and 3D Design aero parts while the HRE wheels were custom painted with matte bronze finish. They also applied a real gold leaf insert inside the HRE logo found in the spoke of each wheel, along with the HRE center cap. In order to make the matte bronze shine, an additional custom clear coat was laid on it.

As for the M3, Lamborghini Rosso Vik BBS FI wheels were used alongside an ESS Supercharger manifold as part of the powerhouse.

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