Experiencing the ‘Green hell’ at least once in your life should be on any pertolhead’s list. For 26 Euro you can drive one lap on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany in 2013, a similar price as last year.

The prices for multiple laps have changed and increased slightly for next year. Four laps on the 73-turn, 13-mile course will cost you € 97 (+2). The nine-lap ticket costs 202, which is five euros higher as last year. For Ring addicts a 25-lap ticket for € 499 (+9) is available as well. They include one ticket to the museum.

The top of the line season ticket costs about € 1,475 (+30). It gives you access to the track at any time of the year when the track isn’t rented by a car maker or organisation. The price includes two tickets to the museum.

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  1. I paid 24 euros per lap when I visited the nordschleife. Worth every penny if you ask me. Such an amazing track and I drove it in a Mk1 Golf..


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