It seems that a duo of modern Ferrari’s wrecked on a wet road in China recently. The accident happened in Northwest China on what the Ansai segment of the Baomao Expressway. The wreck happened at high speed, completely destroying the 458 Spider and California. The engine from the 458 Spider appears to have completely separated from the chassis.

Its thought that the Ferrari’s were taking part in an exotic car rally near Shaanxi, south west of Beijing. Fortunately, injuries were not reported and the drivers walked away from the wrecked Italian supercars. An eyewitness reports seeing around a dozen supercars travelling at around 160km/h.

[Via and Jalopnik]

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  1. Manufacturers should seriously think about delivering high performance vehicles to China. Most of these “wealthy” guys grew up in a family who only had a bicycle (if they are lucky). They are totally different from us, who are used to driving at speed from decades ago. Remember, money cannot buy sense.

  2. @haji: I agree with you. However, considering the rapid growth in luxury automobile consumption (i.e., Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Audi’s) in China, it doesn’t make business sense to stop selling them, even if their new owners can’t handle the car. Ethically, it doesn’t really add up, either: as soon as the guys signed for their cars, it became their responsibility to drive in an appropriate manner. The manufacturers are no longer involved at that point. It’s like Russia stopping weapons sales to the Middle East: it’s irresponsible to essentially aid in a war, but they’re not going to go to Damascus to broker a cease-fire. Money may not buy sense, but it sure buys a lot of other nice things.

  3. I think one has to look at consciousness how one thinks/acts in this time frame (dimension of consciousness), 7+yrs ago i would agree as a whole for that country.

  4. Wow that looks to be a pretty strong monocoque despite having the front and rear subframes knocked off clean. Guy should keep that intact monocoque and play GT5 in it instead.

  5. @Haji:

    1st: Manufacturers will sell their cars where people have money to buy them.
    2nd: Where are you from?Ever been to the USA??Most of people there don’t know how to drive either, so STFU.


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