Our friends over at Zero2Turbo recently spotted something very unexpected on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. It appears that someone crashed a Koenigsegg CCXR and had the car repaired. The pictures reveal the testing process for the new parts. It’s an odd sight seeing a ratty Koenigsegg on the roads with an unpainted front end and no windows.

We have no idea what caused the accident. It seems like an expensive repair though, hopefully it’s been carried out to a high quality. For more pictures check out Zero2Turbo.


New information via Zero2Turbo has revealed that the Koenigsegg has been fully repaired. The repair was done by Peter Bailey at Bailey Cars who called the Koenigsegg CCXR repair a “Special Project”. The owner crashed the CCXR in early 2011 and was quoted R6.0 million by Koenigsegg for a full repair. Bailey Cars manufactured all the necessary parts, including the bodywork, radiator, suspension and front windscreen. Check the repair pictures right here!


  1. How can you own a Koenigsegg and not repair the car at the factory? Instead going for an El Cheapo repair.. at this level of ownership, money to fix it should be irrelevant otherwise you're just a cheapskate who cant really afford this car..

    Talk all about how this is a quality repair job but when parts have to be re-manufactured and not at the factory…that is sketchy. On top of that it seems to have a new nose and certain panels.. I believe those are carbon from factory. Are the replacement ones carbon too? Same grade of carbon and same process used?


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