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New Official Images McLaren P1 Design Study

McLaren P1 Design Study Rear Wing

New official images of the McLaren P1 design study have been released overnight showing the concept, which will make its official debut at the Paris Motor Show tomorrow afternoon. The pictures follow earlier official information released last week and patent drawings shown to you yesterday, which suggest the final design of the McLaren P1 supercar.

The gallery below shows new angles of the McLaren P1 design study including the rear and its massive retractable rear wing. The central sections of the front and rear bumpers, the side sills and mirrors are made out of visible carbon fiber.

At the moment the P1 is purely a design study, however, a production version is planned and the company aims to put it on sale within twelve months. The aim is not necessarily to be the fastest in terms of top speed but to be the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit.

In the meanwhile stay tuned for the official release tomorrow afternoon or check for more information about the McLaren P1 design study the many links in the story and read our official story!

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  1. @ Pit – You can have it ( well .. you can’t because you can’t afford it ) along with your Japanese Anime cars – your Batmobile model collection – your vaporware video game cars …. as well as your Barnum & Baily clown bobble heads collection .

    Cause that pretty much sums up the P1’s ( urp ) design in a nutshell

    How much more bad taste one can include in one’s life is in question …. but then again ….. seeing as how its you …… I’m sure you’ll find a way ;-)

  2. Thanks man… I’m sure Mr mclaren will be delighted that you have allowed me to be on the list.

    But some have to wait for unemployment benefits to go up.

  3. WOW!! looks awesome. I completely take back all the comments about it being ugly. Looks brilliant from these new shots and the MASSIVE rear wing! :O

  4. The back is cool but then it goes wrong. It lacks that aggressive look a car of that sort needs for me to work. It just too sensitive to be a real successor of the F1

  5. @GS Whoohooo, probably the fastest Car_to_$$$ supercar is an “Anime car” called GT-R and will humilliate few Fancy Hiper-chic-expensive useless Pagani’s and Koenisegg’s U like, and lots of Us can afford by saving a little bit.

  6. Classic comments …..

    Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not. They won’t be produced in mass numbers so you won’t see many around …

    If global production is 500 then likely 20% will be Usa, 20% Europe, 25% mid-east countries, 25% Asia pacific(ex-USA) bound and balance 10% others.

    Where I am there are 5 confirmed orders already @ roughly USD 1m budget. All orders from original/existing F1 owners


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