This is one of the first Lamborghini Aventador replicas we have seen. And it doesn’t seem to be a particularly bad example either. Obviously the proportions are completely wrong which means that it looks nothing like the car it tries to replicate, yet it looks well built and has an engine that provides at least a proportion of the Aventador’s 700hp.

The chassis, we’re told, is custom built from GM Holden parts with a GM LS1 V8 fitted. Power is rated at around 400hp and its routed to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. As you can see from the pictures and the video, the bodywork is completely custom and resembles the Aventador all around. The interior is also custom but less successful.

It features air condition, cruise control, electric lifting doors, electric windows, a media system, electronic engine lift, rear view camera, a replica V12 engine, custom LED lights and real Lamborghini wheels.

The Aventador Replica is currently for sale on eBay priced at $59,500 for the completed car. It’s based in Eagle, Idaho and apparently registered as a Lamborghini Aventador Replica

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  1. No less than two Lamborghini replica’s, rip-off’s or fakes in the same week. What is the world coming to.

    One should scratch the head and then ask only ‘why’? On so many levels WHY.

    If the individuals or groups behind these creations actually took off their ‘tunnel vision thinking/glasses’ about just brand copying and applied their talent to just creating a purposeful ‘one off’ individual creation of their own based on their own clear, fresh and new designs then all merits to them …. Not for copying though. 0 marks on both.


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