Render specialist Wild-Speed has made a series of exclusive renders for The pictures show both the upcoming P1 and the historical F1 in one single shot. The images differ with regards to the colors used on the supercar duo. The release of the renders follows our McLaren F1 photo day on our Facebook page today and the official release of the McLaren P1 two days ago.

The McLaren P1′s design bears a similarity to McLaren’s previous designs. The overall shape has hints of the MP4-12C with the rear central exhaust and the layout of the rear facia. However, it’s obviously a more extreme design with an aggressive layered diffuser, front air intakes that remind us of the Aston Martin One-77 and a set of headlights that look visually similar to the McLaren Automotive logo.

Feel free to have a look at the renders and share your opinion on both models being dressed in different colors. For more information on the new supercar check out our official story on the McLaren P1 design study.


  1. The McLaren F1 – Bespoke – understated – stunning – still relevant looks wise decades later – quality of design

    The P1 – Vulgar – OTT… and yes I’m talking AM One-77 level of vulgarity and OTT – Cartoonish at best – a parody of the iconic F1 at worst – A re-badged re-bodied mildly re-engineered MP4-12C . Looking just like what it is . An MP4 with a McLaren body kit tacked on top . For 4-5 times the price of the MP4 its based on

    Truly the Koenigsegg Agera-R is more the spiritual successor to the iconic F1 than the hideous P1 will ever be . McLaren having been Out Mclarened by its Swedish competitor .


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