Video Koenigsegg Agera Acceleration to 356kmh

This next video shows a Koenigsegg Agera accelerating to 356km/h. The driver inside the hypercar shifts from 5th into 6th gear and was unable to film the rest of the acceleration up to 402km/h, which he and his passenger reached on a public highway in Germany.

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  1. when i post a comment where i use the word s*** it gets taken of within one hour I’m sorry but this video is much worse then any other swear word and also it has a cheep feel

  2. 1. It’s still impressive to see how fast the speed climbs from 300 to 356.
    2. It’s probably the best quality anyone can get while holding a cam by hand in this extremely shaky situation.
    3. This GT Spirit bashing is pointless to me.

  3. Please provide a better camera to the owner and we will share it ;) For the moment this is the best and it was worth the share… Feel free to share a better one and we will replace it ;)

  4. Why always so arrogant “Find a better video” “get them a better camera”

    You exist because of us readers and we don’t do your job providing news.

  5. Wow! The sick think about this video is that the driver apparently filmed it himself with one hand while accelerating :-)

    What is quite shameless is the behavior of some readers here.
    Do you all expect that you losers get pampered with great “material” non-stop while you complain like small crybabies if you don’t like something? Are you paying anything? For what would you deserve it?

    This year 2012 it was really shocking how shameless some of these wanna-be “car-spotters” became – taking of car covers of protected supercars in private garages in Monaco, everyone is TOUCHING other peoples cars, leaning on them to make photos.

    Understand that these are not your cars and that people don’t buy such cars to provide them for other people’s pleasure. Learn to RESPECT other people’s property…

  6. @MR The revs are the blue light which turns red at the redline (wrong as well). The needle shows the speed, 305km/h not 240-270.
    The rev counter and the digital indicator appear to be about 18% higher than they should be.

    See reference speedometer setup here:
    The one “Cat” posted is from an Agera prototype, mine is from a production car (at WOT) hence it goes up to 450km/h not 420.

    • @revspeed interesting fact… thanks for the headsup! So we can conclude it is fake :-) I had my doubts at first, but finally thought differently.


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