Bad Driver Hits Ferrari F430 Four Times

The following video will probably make your blood boil. Sure, the parking space is tight, yet the owner of the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet we see in the video appears to have absolutely no respect for other people’s property. While attempting to reverse out of the tiny parking space, the Volkswagen driver hits the Bianco Fuji Ferrari F430 no less than four times.

Hopefully he didn’t get away with it although we are told that the Police claim there’s nothing they could do about it. Instead, the owner will have to go through his insurance. According to Worldsupercars, the person behind the camera, the unique paintjob cost the Ferrari-owner around $30,000.


  1. Sorry, but the Idiot, filming the scene could have helped the Golf-driver instead of just watching and waiting for funny things to happen…


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