Dubai police recently seized a Nissan Patrol that had been converted to run on Jet Fuel by a local garage. The driver was arrested by Dubai Traffic Police after they saw the car racing through the city centre at high speed. Some reports suggest that the car hit speeds of up to 350km/h evading the police.

Traffic Police responded to a call last Wednesday after residents complained of loud noises and street racing. They pursued the Nissan Patrol into a housing estate in the Al Mazhar area where they lost sight of the car. The driver attempted to hide but was later found. Police report that the car didn’t have a license plate and that the driver turned off his lights to escape detection.

The car itself is said to feature “a computer system, another engine and a jet fuel tank plus extra cylinders and other additions”. The modifications had been carried out by a local garage at a cost of Dh210,000.

The driver faces prosecution for dangerous driving, evading the police and illegally modifying a car. If you ask us, we’re not convinced on the jet fuel story. Perhaps nitrous oxide is more likely. However, we are entirely convinced that some a mad local garage could get 350km/h out of a Nissan patrol… after all, this is Dubai we’re talking about!

[Via GulfNews]

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  1. @haydervision you BS or what?

    How much power they got, what trans/gearbox set up they run’n…

    got a link?

    @GTSPIRIT, I keep get’n this ***** message:

    Been doin it over the last week..

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  2. Patrols are rather common to see modded up to 1000bhp+ etc etc in the middle east.. Check on youtube. Check out the drag race between the patrol and the murcielago.. just to give an example


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