Sadly, we have a Pagani Zonda Roadster crash to report on today. It’s a bad one too, the 50-year-old driver died in the collision outside London yesterday in Watford, Hertfordshire. Reports are still emerging, however, from what we understand, the car ended up in a metal fence at a junction at 6pm last night. The cause of the accident is unknown at this point, while the driver died, the 20-year-old passenger walked away received a medical examination but did not require hospital treatment.

The car in question was recently for sale at popular UK sales garage Joe Macari’s. We’re reliably informed that Joe was not the driver at the time, however, we’re unsure if the car had already been sold. According to our friend Shmee150, the driver might not have been using a seatbelt.

This particular Zonda Roadster has an interesting history. It’s chassis number #76041, built in 2004 which left the factory coloured yellow with black interior and yellow stitching in Singapore. The car then received a new paint job, changing the exterior colour to light pink. In 2011 it was sold at the Goodwood Festival of Speed by Bonhams to Joe Macari for £320,500. It then reappeared towards the end of 2011 with a matt red wrap. The black paintwork you see in the photos was only recently completed.

UPDATE: We’re told that the driver was wealthy property developer William Baranos. He died through not wearing a seatbelt. Upon impact, the door was ripped from the car and Baranos ejected, his body was found 10 foot from the car.

[Via Shmee150]

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  1. He clearly wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Sorry, but I have no respect for people who climb into such a car like Zonda and neglect a seatbelt. The car proved to be astonishingly tough – no damage to cabin.

  2. I’ve read other stories about this.

    The ONLY reason this is sad is because the dumbass negligent driver destroyed a work-of-art automobile.

    ANYONE who drives a car without using a seat-belt – and speeds through neighborhoods – gets what they deserve if they cause an accident and injure themselves.

    Fortunately, the passenger who was properly buckled in walked away and no one else was harmed.

    Stupidity may result in death. No excuses.

  3. What’s wrong with the human all the saints that have never f… Up.there by the grace of god go you.souless.this man has children and love ones.have respect .for those he left behind you morons.

  4. william was a very lovely man..
    he was a close friend and before you judge learn your facts.. a car crash happens every second.
    it annoys me how people right horrible things about him because you don’t know him well enough as i and all of his family and close friends do.
    R.i.P william you were the nicest man alive
    & ben how dare you say that shit.. you horrible little prick you should be ashamed off yourself.

  5. God Bless you William, the car is hardly the biggest lost and people should be ashamed to say such things. When we love things and use people and not the other way around, we are doomed as a society.


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