Official Onyx Rogue Edition Based on Range Rover Evoque

The Onyx Rogue Edition is the latest offering from the Irish tuner and specialist Onyx Cars. The newly released live pictures shown here follow an initial concept release in February, which received a number of additional upgrades.

80 Percent of the exterior panels were upgraded and the kit features a new bonnet, bumpers, fenders, grills, bumpers and spoilers. The exterior carbon such as the pillars, grills, vents and sills are linked to the existing lines and contours of the stock Evoque.

The conversion along with the power gains achieved for the petrol and diesel variants also comprises a complete new exhaust system.

The interior has been furnished with duo nappa leather, a flat bottom carbon fiber steering wheel and a fourteen-piece carbon fiber interior set.

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  1. agree ,love all the carbon ,think it makes the car look so much more manly and aggressive in a good way ,makes me wonder what all the other guys were thinking about ,did you see the hamann thingy ,phew

  2. Well….. to play devils advocate . IMO the evocative Evoque in its original form is about as ugly and worthless design as has been seen in the last five years .. with more blind spots than a full faced helmet w/half the visor taped off …..

    Stick some phony carbon fiber wanna be bits of fluff and flash and a couple of bling wheels on the little pile of junk ……. and now its the Very Pretentious Evocative Evoque …. trying even harder to look like what it is not ….. a Car to be take seriously by anyone other than hairdressers , poseurs and Suburban-Urban-Wanna Be( not so ) Hipsters

    What a pile and an abject waste of resources .

  3. …. oh and BTW . To any of you so foolish as to have already purchased an Evoque . Congratulations ! You just spent some £50K for a ………….. Ford Focus in drag . Aint you just so hip ! And now you can spend I’ll guess another £10-20K to get these body bits installed so’s ……. you can really look like a prat in his/her pram

    A fool and his/her money ……..

  4. Whats wrong with that Guitar guy???!!!! I can bet my mom his some manufacture jumping up and down because this kit it’s much better than his one are!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I never saw someone so mad with the money spen that it’s not his own!!!!!!!

    Great kit guys, I don’t own an Evoque but if I did I realy hope to have one like this one here.

    Great Job.


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