Magnus Walker - Ultimate Porsche 911 Collector

As far as goal driven sportscar collectors go, Magnus Walker must be one of the finest. He set himself the goal of getting a Porsche 911 from every year between 1964, when Porsche first introduced the 911, right up to 1973, when Porsche introduced the Carrera RS. He’s been successful so far, having owned over fourty Porsche 911’s. He is missing one model though, a 1973 Porsche 911.

This is his story, creatively captured in a three and a half minute video clip. This clip is a trailer for a larger documentary, due to be released come time in the future. Enjoy!

[Via, Pictures via Facebook]


  1. Magnus is one major bad____ as well as a hell of a collector , who has no fear of modifying anything he owns to suit his own tastes and needs ( he’s a subscriber to the Big Sid ethic of ” Stock is a can of Soup on a Shelf ” )

    The Automotive Collector World could do with a few more ‘ Magnus ‘ types . A Snob/Toff/Twee he is not !

    Can’t wait for the full length video ! This guy Rocks !


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