News has been filtering through from Shenzhen in the Guangdong Province of China about an accident involving a Nissan GT-R. The driver of a Nissan GT-R crashed into two taxis, one petrol-engined Volkswagen Santana and one electric BYD e6. The wreck caused the BYD e6 to explode on impact, killing the taxi driver, two female passengers and injuring the driver and passenger of the Santana.

The driver and passenger of the Nissan GT-R are reported to have fled the scene of the accident. They later turned themselves in, it transpires that they were both drunk and involved in a drag race with a BMW. Witnesses say that the Nissan GT-R was travelling over 180km/h.

The implications of this accident could be massive for the electronic vehicle market too. Investigations are still ongoing as to the cause of the fire, however, BYD Co Ltd’s share price slumped heavily during the week following rumours that the lithium-ion battery was to blame. If this is found to be the cause, it could also have implications for many other manufacturers who use similar batteries in their electronic motors.

[Via CarNewsChina]

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