Italy is home to world’s best sports car and supercar brands. A new member to the family will be released in about a month, named the Puritalia.

The name, Puritalia, suggests a pure Italian car brand with products based on Italian craftmanship, design, heritage and excellence, but that is not completely true. The Puritalia is based on the all-American Shelby Cobra. Even model’s name – 427 – refers the American sports car.

Of course, the Italians changed the design of the donor car and they offer two engines for their creation. You can get either a 445hp-strong V8 engine or a supercharged V8 producing up to 605hp.

Stay tuned for more information! Only 33 days left until the final release of the new model and brand.



  1. Eeesh ! So now the Italians are entering the ” Pretentious Wanna Be Supercar Manufacture about to Disappear before actually even Appearing ” ranks .

    From Poland , Russia , Holland etc I can understand it . them being desperate to prove themselves in a genre they’ve never even entered . From the Italians though ? From a complete and total unknown ? With no doubt just another Badge Engineered piece of dreck ?

    Shameful Or as they say in Italy . Appena un’altra Stronzetto !


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