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Jeremy Clarkson recently confirmed that Top Gear will not return before the end of 2012, but in January of 2013. During an interview with a South African radio station, Clarkson revealed that the Top Gear Live shows will be the only time all three presenters will be together this year. The crew will probably return in 2013 for Season 19. On Twitter he reconfirmed the story and told his followers there will be a Christmas Special in 2012.

The precise words Jeremy used were, “It is going to be, it better be absolutely fantastic, it’s also about the only time the three of us are working together this year because there’s no Top Gear on this year.” You can view the video below.

We know that planning for season 19 has began. Recently Toyota revealed that they had began working with the BBC once again, modifying the Toyota Hilux pickup trucks. Some have speculated that the hiatus has something to do with the London Olympics this year.

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  1. Over Rated Show, The Usual Petrol head puts way too much emphasis on JC’s views..

    Prefer Harris and Needell any day of the week! :-)

  2. Clarkson also mentioned on Twitter that Top Gear will only return next year because one of Simon Cowell’s singing competitions is going on the rest of the year.

    Am rather disappointed that Top Gear is not returning this year. As much as critics like to hate on Clarkson, May and Hammond, the show is fun to watch. I didn’t even like cars before watching Top Gear. The guys managed to make cars interesting and they always scatter bad (but funny) metaphors in their car reviews.

    The challenges are often over-the-top and very very funny.

    I am looking forward to the Christmas Special.

    Top Gear is awesome!

  3. Over rated ??? You should be subjected to Top Gear USA or even worse ‘ The Car Show ‘ here in America . Then you’d KNOW what the term ‘ over rated ‘ really means .

    To be honest , for all the car crap tv shows we’ve got in the US, Top Gear UK is the only one worth sitting down for . Sure the occasional show is OTT stupid and some of Clarkson’s comments can be a bit ….. silly : but at least the three are Genuine Automotive Journalists occasionally playing the Fool , rather than a bunch of Fools trying to play Automotive Journalists

  4. Well said @GuitarSlinger.
    Top Gear is more of entertainment show and a very good one at that.
    While I Chris Harris’ reviews are far more professional and lately even entertaining, I do still rate Top Gear very highly.

    It’s a shame to have to wait until 2013 but it’ll be worth it :)

  5. The crew will “probably” return in 2013 for Season 19?? “Probably”?! That’s quite scary. I’d rather hear “definitely” be back for Season 19. I’ve only just recently started watching. I’m no ready for it to end yet! Give me “definitely”!!!!

  6. Andoni “it will be worth it”? A 6 month wait to be worth it,it must be a 2and half 3 hours top gear episode.Belive me i can’t get enough of it.I mean the ideeas the wordplay that got out from debating some news,from this 3 is fenomenal like the epic phase by James “Its like saying: You’ve given me the baby ,now get in the back”.Its terrific.And i could speak to Jeremy about cars in general for weeks and can’t get enough of it, with James for all the interesting things from mecanichs and with Richard to mock about the others 2 sayings and them it would be great , i mean a month with those 3 going whereever they go talk in free time with them with be the gratest prize ever.I think i would record every minute of it.I got carrier away but its all true , and you get the point :)

  7. Oh come on!!! i can´t wate that much! some rich guy should give you guys a limitless budget instead of spending so much money in crazy stuuf, at least you 3 entertain the world… with that said, hope the Special kicks ass as always, pooowwwweeerrr Jeremy haha

  8. Oh Noes! I was so looking forward to series 19 :< I miss the cheap car challenges! Anyway, I look forward to the next series immensely :D

    Just wondering why there wont be a series 19 this year? Is everyone's calendar pre booked or is this the first sign of Top Gear coming to an end? I hope not, for the sake of many! :<

  9. can the make every “special” more longer runtime..I mean like 1 1/2 to 2 hour..altought the special is only sometimes

  10. Blame the Olympics for most of it, as it’s clogging BBC1 24/7. As a result normal BBC1 such as Eastenders, Casualty and Holby City are briefly moved to BBC2.

  11. How can the BBC not show one of their best programmes, which has a huge following. This news is depressing. I so look forward to this little bit of escapism, and now nothing. Guess I’ll just have to watch Dave over and over and over again. Look what you’ve done BBC

  12. This is totally stupid. Why would the BBC take their best show off the air for an entire year? Are they mad or just on drugs? I suppose this is what you get when you have government-sponsored media. Bring back Top Gear!!!!!!!!

  13. yeah youd think the money these boys get paid to drive allsorts of nice expensive cars for a living would be enough that the Beeb would want to ensure the diaries of the 3 presenters are all kept in sync to ensure they can extract the maximum value from them and their time during the course of a year.

    seems crazy as its also a show sold around the world too. we’ve had one series this year and they seem/feel like they are getting shorter too. what was the last series – 6 shows long? 7?

    The xmas special better be just that – special! then again the last few have been pretty damn good to be fair :)

  14. Good news that there is to be a Christmas special. However, I hope it’s a damn site better than the dross we endured last year. The India Special was a joke. A pale imitation than what had been on previously.
    That goes for the next series to. It seemed to be lacking that spark when it was last on air.
    If having a break cures the rut Top Gear was in, then all the better.

  15. The BBC have made a big mistake not airing a season this year… the only reason I pay for my T.V license! and the show has been cancelled!!! I mean seriously, c’mon!

  16. Hi topgear i just wanted to say that this is a great show but there needs to be more episodes because 6 episodes is not enoug.
    I mean there are a couple a series that goes up to 12, 14 episode.
    What happen to thous days ?

  17. Season 18 was crap…there must be some people with
    creativity… I can think of thousands ideas they have not done yet..
    Take away the money, sent that oversized & overpaid team
    of muppets home and search some people who have original ideas,
    And are driven by passion. Clarckson is getting to old & predictable.
    Tonight on top gear: wheelchairs, how to escape the home for the elderly and
    What to do when u break your hip…

    Top gear WAS the best show ever, FIX it…after all,
    How hard can it be??!

  18. I miss Top Gear there are only so many times you can watch the repeats. I didn’t see any of the TG presenters competing in the Olympics but there you go? Perhaps Jezza needs time off to count the huge piles of money he just made out of this format I mean if he as paid in pound coins that could take a very long time to count indeed.

  19. The BBC are blaming everyone else but themselves what with the Olympics etc. I remember when Top Gear used to be on twice a year with 8 or 9 episodes a time . Now we’re lucky to get 6 . I used to look forward to the next series but not any more because nowadays we don’t know when the next series is going to be . I’m sorry to say it to you Jeremy , Richard , James and StiggyBoy (in Tibetan !!) but you’ve got to get your act together . Forget about how much you get earn , concentrate on what you’re best at . Entertaining us !! I used to think it was one of the most entertaining programmes on British Television , but not any more . Like I say BBC and Top Gear , get your act together , otherwise you’re going to lose all of your British viewers to Fifth Gear ; and I don’t think you want that do you ??

  20. I wish they would stay off the air-long past its sell by date and not relevant anymore. Three of the largest egos on the TV. Boring boring boring!

  21. Reading all the previous comments in regards to the lack of the nations fav motor show I feel i have to have my say. same as everyone else who has commented i/we are not douting it is the best show on the bbc but bring it back to glory its a shame to see it collecting dust in a bbc office. sort it out, jezza is a legend, hammond ur a lauf too, May get a hair cut lol

  22. I would like to say this is one of my favourite tv shows I do like it on a Sunday but would watch any day I love all three hosts and would feel robbed if any of them left or any of the format was changed !! So to all you fuck wits who want to slag it off fuck off and watch something else you sad bastards. Can’t believe you would waste anyone’s time reading about you whining on a show that is one of bbc’s biggest exports!! Saddo’s

  23. What, no top gear till next year!!!. The best show on the BBC and there just not enougth Show’s full stop. The only reason I pay my TV licence!!!!. sort it out BBC and fund the best show you got better, end!!!!!!!!!

  24. Actually there will be a Christmas Special! But only in February… I know, sounds weird) Still best of luck to Top Gear and looking forward to watch it!

  25. Come on Bbc get this sorted,its the best motor show on tv,put ur hand.s in yer pocket and av this show on twice a week,Dean lancs!

  26. Im in danger of repeating most of the posts here.. but… best thing on telly at the momement – or last year at least. Im fed up of watching people sing and dance (mostly badly) and you can only watch people fish for crabs and blow things up randomly for so long (thanks discovery) . So come back TG soon, before I have to sell the telly out of frustration.

  27. The Top Gear christmas specials have become one of the highlights of the hollidys in my house. I can’t wait to see what the guys are getting up to this year.

  28. Top Gear… program produced by the BBC, we love it but……. No end of year series. What are we paying our TV licence fee for £145.00. Seems the lads have time to make the usual Christmas DVD, which you have to pay for. Heard them promoting it on radio 2 this morning with Chris Evans. They had the Birmingham live show……..seems they have time for that. Come on boys and the BBC……..where are the prorgram we are paying for. A bit of respect for Top Gear TV viewers please.

  29. Oi, waiting for Season 19 is like being in a Queue behind a slow Caravan. Come on! Pick up the pace and get those stupid singing people out of the way!

  30. I agree with steve i toopay just for the top gear show!!! what is in your brain bbc come on for heavens sake we all want top gear & more of it so stop putting twats who cant sing on & put the three best entertainers england has to offer back on the box. COME ON!!! IM PAYING FOR THIS RUBISH YOU BROADCAST. PLEASE BRING TOP GEAR BACK.

  31. I don’t think this is a bbc decision
    I think this is more to do with the 3 guys wanting a paid for year long holiday to do top gear live everywhere

    Are they forgetting they are paid by the bbc which is paid for by us
    So they get their contractual Salary and then much more from bring producers of top gear live.
    This is just wrong

  32. Honestly, there are only a few things of the BBC that I ever Watch. Top Gear is on Top (pun intended). I do NOT watch singing dancing crap of nobodies that win a year competition judged by people I never heard of, voting in people that will never be a celebrity (i.e. sell the dream but don’t deliver, and break some hearts on the way…)


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