Video Of The Day 9.5-Year-Old Greek Drifter Showing His Skills

In Greece there is a young drifter only 9.5-year-old. His name is Stavros Grillis, he lives on the island of Kos, and drifts already two years.

His skills will certainly be the envy even the Japanese. Check the video and see the youngster drifting his car around the track.



  1. Μπράβο ρε Ελλαδάρα! Its nice to see that finally my country is starting to create competitive drivers in car racing, even if its show off drifting.There are drifters all over Greece in general(99% of em illegal in some or many ways).I cant swear on this but if you want more Greek drifting videos or info on Greek drifting ,you probably should search for drifters/drift clubs from Sparta ,they really like it there.

  2. drifting is car controll, those that say drifting is stupid have no car controll.
    F1 drivers have car control in part developed from drifting.

  3. He’s just a young kid enjoying what he’s doing. You’re entitled to your opinion. Hopefully you realise that opinions are like a***holes and everybody has one.


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