An Egyptian BMW owner decided to build an unique project in response to the astonishing price tag of the BMW 1-Series M Coupe in Egypt (more than $ 150,000 custom charges plus the original car price).

The guy known as hatembmw at decided to take a stock BMW E82 1-Series Coupe and convert into a BMW 1-Series M Coupe. As a powerplant he did not use the six-in-line twin-turbo engine, but the V8 engine from the current E9x M3.

The car was originally a BMW E82 120d, which he completely stripped apart. He changed the suspension, wided the track of the wheels, modified the exhaust system to fit the chassis and got himself all the 1M body panels with the rear arches custom widened. He used a M Power rear suspension and a BMW 1M rear bumper.

It took the Egyptian three to four weeks to complete all mechanical and electrical mods, and another four weeks for the exterior since the rear arches were custom widened. That is a hell of lot faster than BMW took to develop the BMW 1-Series M Coupe themselves.

In the front of the car, he fitted the 420hp V8 engine from the current E9x M3.


  1. wait they thought the price tag of one BMW 1m was too much? so they buy an M3 (must be more expensive surely?) AND a 120d plus the garage time and parts to complete the conversion sounds like a big saving he made. Kudos though for putting a V8 in a 1 series

  2. @AMG’s do it louder:
    I am not quite sure that they just bought an M3 and then stripped the engine off. They probably asked for one from BMW itself and then installed it on the 120d(someone correct me if i am wrong). If you want a part price comparison, look at the Radical SR3, its Ford 2.5L engine costs as half as much as its custom made gearbox.


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