A tragic accident happened last night. Thor Batista, the 24-year-old son of Brazilian business tycoon and billionaire Eike Batista, ran over an cyclist while driving his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

The accident resulted in the death of the 30-year-old cyclist. Thor Batista survided the crash with some cuts in his arms and chest, but he became ill after seeing the person he accidentally had hit. According to the police, the driver hasn’t consumed any alcohol but Thor is summoned to testify as part of the investigation.

This tragedy happened near Xerém ‒ about 50 km from Rio de Janeiro ‒ on the BR-040. This federal highway connects the capital Brasilia with Rio de Janeiro. The family of Thor Batista has announced they will bear the costs of the victim’s funeral.

Car Crash: Brazilian Billionaire's SLR McLaren Hits Cyclist

Car Crash: Brazilian Billionaire's SLR McLaren Hits Cyclist

[Via Biturbo.com.br and Terra.com.br]

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  1. In those countries, ie 3rd world but especially when outside the city, you get all sorts using the highway as they have no concept/appeciation or understanding of safety. One example is mopeds will just veer on and off anywhere carrying items to big for the bike, trucks will just pull on and cross the entire lane(s) and people will just wander across wearing beach sandals or barefoot. Oh and don’t forget when you drive near the shacks built in various areas they’ll be plenty of dirty, near wild looking dogs just walking or sitting in the road. Driving in those countries is nothing like the developed world. * develped or developing perhaps a better word for some American states / parts of Europe

  2. A somewhat similar fatal accident happened in India where the son of a millionnaire rammed his Lamborghini Gallardo into some railings and also hit a cyclist in New Delhi. But in that incident the driver died while cyclist managed to survive with serious injuries.

    Just proves that supercars are not for youngsters!

  3. In this case the police was not able to do a throughly investigation, the car was taken by the family of Eike Batista. In Brazil live quite close to the main roads. There is not such a thing as good motorways. The victim aunt show the accident and confirmed that; her nephew was cycling home on the hard shoulder of the motorway, not as in the middle of the motorway as it has been reported. It’s umbeleavable that in a accident with a fatal victim, the car is removed, and the police have permited to it. Eike Batista is a very wealth and all powerfull in a country very corrupted. I rest my case, and don not beleave everything what you read.

  4. “Thor Batista … ran over a cyclist”
    Obviously he ran under the cyclist. And after seeing his new rooftop, he should have had the Stirling Moss Edition.

  5. Obviously high speed involved, legal or not. Folks, please take care around cyclists. An accident might hurt your car (or maybe wound your pride) but it’s their LIFE. That’s more important, period.

  6. I bet he was feeling ill after he saw the person he had hit, given the damage to the car, the person must have been spread all over the place. Very sad, RIP.

  7. The road in question is so narrow (http://forum.outerspace.terra.com.br/showthread.php?p=9192527) and way below the power and prestige! of a SLR. This dude must have known to go slower in a two lane highway! Now he knows but it wont help the cyclist.
    There is a video on youtube showing this another billionaire dude driving a Pagani Zonda chinque in narrow cramy roads of Argentina like a mad man (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-x25o_CFI4). If you see that then you probably can guess this SLR might have been driven sometimes.

  8. Hi,

    I’m currently trying to write a business report and make a presentation about how ‘Money Influences a Government’ and is there anywhere I can find an article written by a report stating that the car was taken away by the family before police was able to do a thorough investigation?

  9. Hi Bev,

    I’m brazilian also, and I’ve been looking for news regarding that accident since I first heard of it.
    Actually I’m not sure if there’s such a report.. I’ve already seen news telling that the car was only removed AFTER it got investigated (not sure of the investigation’s depth though, if it happened in just a few hours :S), while others say it really was removed before any work had been done on it.
    So, as far as I know, it’s kinda hard to be sure of what’s really going on. There’s lots of gossip in the air, I think especially because there’s some really rich/powerful people related to that.
    The only common point all the reports do state is that Eike’s/Thor’s lawyer managed to get the car removed (to “protect it”, they say) from police domain after ensuring that the car’s condition will be kept exactly as it is until the end of the investigation (kinda hard to believe, I think; anyways, it shouldn’t have happened).

  10. It´s not fair to say that this billionaire was a asshole because the other in another country that has none similarity to Brazil,.
    Stop to be one.


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