Jon Olsson has gained quite a bit of fame, first as freestyle skier and later as Gumballer. He tries to combine the things he love most: skiing and cars, and he is doing that rather well. One of his recent blog posts shows that he is a true petrolhead. In just four months he drove 21,023 kilometers through nine countries… in a Lamborghini Gallardo! Even more impressive is the fact that a lot of these kilometers were spend crossing the Alps from one ski event to the other.

The gallery below shows Jon Olsson and his Lamborghini Gallardo at various locations during the last 21,023 kilometers. From the sunny shores of Monaco to the Italian mountains and the Swiss village of Verbier. Its great to see the ski box on the roof of the Gallardo is not a bold fashion statement but actually used to carry skis and equipment to the races. Make sure to check out his excellent blog for more about the Gallardo and his journeys!

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