A Pagani Zonda S and a Xenatech Maybach Coupe both received a set of Forgiato wheels ahead of the Osaka Auto Messe. We’ve just received photos of two very rare cars via Forgiato and our friends over at Office-K. Both cars are on the Forgiato stand proudly displaying their new wheels.

The Xenatech Maybach is apparently fitted with three-piece Forgiato Dito’s. They measure 24 inches. The Zonda S is fitted with Forgiato Vizzo-M’s probably in a more sensible 20 inches. What do you think of them?

On a separate note. We’d like to know more about this Zonda S. It appears to have been given a bodykit of some description. We don’t think it’s a Pagani addition so drop us a comment or an email if you know anything about the car!

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