The brutal power of the Nissan GT-R, an inexperienced driver (or irresponsible even), and a busy street were the ideal ingredients for disaster. The crash shown here happened on yesterday afternoon in Santa Catarina, Brazil, where a GT-R hit the back of a VW Polo Sedan before ending up in a ditch.

According to the driver of the GT-R, a third car cut him off. To divert it, he hit the back of the Polo and drove into a small ravine. The story told by the eyewitnesses, is somewhat different. According to them, the Nissan followed the freeway at high speed and hit the back of the Polo failing to brake in time. The passenger rear seat of the Polo had a compound fracture in his leg caused by the impact.

Passersby said that when leaving the GT-R the driver called his father and did not go to the Polo to provide relief, which caused outrage with the local residents. Paramedics were called by one of the drivers who then arrived to help the victims.

This is probably the second GT-R destroyed in Brazil. The first one was a silver model of St. Paul in late 2011.

[Via Super Acidentes]


  1. I mean… She’s inexperienced, driving with flip flops, very powerful car… What do you expect?? Lucky no one was killed!


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