We do not feature a lot of hot rods, but this V16 hot rod is trully one-of-a-kind. The hart of the vehicles are two AFR-headed, hydraulic-roller-cammed 350 V8 Chevys making about 450hp and 500Nm each.

The man behind this project is Yannick Sire, a 38-year-old West Los Angeles hot rodder. The whole project features a car build with numerous parts from other cars. The wheels are 20×9.5s and 20×10.5s from an ’02 to ’03 BMW X5 SUV. The Continental tires are in sizes 275/35R20 and 315/35R20.

The front suspension uses custom unequal-length A-arms with second-gen Camaro two-inch-drop spindles. The brakes are all ZO6 Corvette 14-inchers. The front QA1 coilovers have a rate of 650 lb/in. Steering is handled by a Subaru STI rack-and-pinion. The complete vehicle weighs an estimated 2,500 pounds.

Let’s stop the talking and check out the videos below.

[Info via Hotrod.com]

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