Mercedes-Benz is working on the fifth generation of the S-Class, which will be unveiled in 2013. The new Mercedes flagship will be offered as four different models, including a four-door cabriolet.

In an interview with British magazine Auto Express, the Program Manager for the S-Class, Dr. Uwe Ernstberger, said the new S-Class will feature many innovations:

The S-Class is the best luxury car in the world, and we have many surprises in terms of technology for the new model. It will deliver something very different to its rivals – and it will have a much broader range.

Besides the base model, the S-Class will come as the luxurious long-wheelbase S600 Pullman model which will fill in the void left by Maybach. Mercedes will also discontinue the current CL-Class and replace it with the revived S-Class Coupé.

The true highlight will be a four-door cabriolet featuring a vast folding roof. This model is inspired by the elegant Ocean Drive Concept unveiled in 2006. The open four-door belongs in a luxury genre that has almost disappeared from the roads. The last four-door convertible made by the Stuttgart based company was the 1962 Mercedes-Benz 300D Cabriolet.

More news will follow, so stay tuned!

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