Not only clothes makes the man, but what kind of car you drives says even more than your wardrobe could. Car makers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin have dedicated fan bases and quite often the owners fits a stereotype. People construct an ideal in their mind of a certain car, and transfer those attributes are to its driver as well.

If these stereotypes carry a positive association, than car makers would like to strengthen the brand’s established and desired image. Via advertising and marketing car makers try to emphasize the branded lifestyle. For example, one could say that Aston Martin is a quintessential gentlemen’s sports car. This image is applied in the commercial below which surely fits the brand’s slogan ‘Power, Beauty and Soul’.

Do you believe the choice of car speaks volumes about who you are (or wants to be)?

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  1. Just like claiming ‘Power, Beauty and Soul’ for yourself, this video is ridiculously self-satisfactory (and cheap). Someone at aston’s marketing dept. must be sacked.


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