Borséma Centauro W.Tell

If you’re in the market for a cutom-built supercar, perhaps you should consider our latest find, currently listed on JamesList. The Borséma Centauro W.Tell is a custom-made supercar built by Swiss company Borséma. Only one prototype exists so far out of the five cars the Borséma eventually plans on producing.

The Cenntauro W.Tell measures just 1,035mm in height. It features an undisclosed, mid-mounted engine producing around 1,000hp to the rear wheels. Very little information has been made available at this point, however, from looking at the pictures we can tell you that it features an all-leather cream interior. The gearbox is a manual six-speed unit.


  1. that is a factory five GTM kit with an upgraded motor and interior and a few design tweaks … total kit car, so it would be interesting to find out how much they are trying to resell a 40k kit for


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