Video Swedish Guy Jumps over Lamborghini Gallardo Doing 80km/h

The folllowing three videos show a similar but rather crazy stunt. Two of the videos were filmed this weekend in Stockholm and show a Swedish guy jumping over a Lamborghini Gallardo which is coming at him at 80km/h. Just before the Lamborghini Gallardo hits him, the guy jumps up and the Gallardo shoots past just under his feet.

Thanks to one of our Facebook fans we found out that this video is real and the stunt performed by a guy called ‘Al the Jumper’. He made it his hobby to jump over moving cars, that it doesn’t always go well is shown in the third video below. With a mistimed jump his foot got hit by the passing car and he smacked on the asphalt below.

The third video shows us all how to jump over car and how not to do it.

We would like to advice: Don’t try this at home!

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