Bugatti Galibier

Rumours have surfaced that Bugatti have halted plans to market the Galibier amid fears that it does not have the necessary halo status that Bugatti would like. Reports originating from Inside Line suggest that the four-door saloon will need to be sufficiently redesigned to include a greater level of space and comfort alongside a more powerful engine.

The modified design brief supposedly comes from the Bugatti boss himself, Wolfgang Durheimer. It is believed that he wants to continue the brand’s image, producing cars that are over the top in every way. The Galibier will have to become an “argument stopper” before it enters production.

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  1. Durheimer killed two birds with one stone. Provide new devepolment to rather crude prototye with substantiation to streching of development and production schedule, which was totally tight for launching of new model. But in result – may be – will come really stuning crown auto ? We will see…


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