Home Supercar News Video: Arrinera Polish Supercar in Action

Video: Arrinera Polish Supercar in Action

Video Arrinera Polish Supercar in Action

Last month, Polish company Arrinera Automotive released their first prototype during a local presentation. Following the release the Polish firm now revealed some fresh photos and a video of the De Veno Arrinera prototype on local roads in Poland.

The Lamborghini-styled sports car is developed together witih Lee Noble and is powered by a mid-mounted 6.2 liter supercharged LS9 V8 engine which is capable of delivering 638 horsepower and 819Nm of maximum torque.


  1. 1. Decide to build a supercar
    2. Install a Corvette engine
    3. Name it something exotic
    4. Pretend Corvette isn’t one of the world’s premier supercars.
    5. smh.

  2. All that aside, some aspects of it are quiet handsome. And it borrows from the Jalpa, Countach, Murce, Diablo and Reventon. And in some respects – does it better than Lamborghini. The matte silver is terrible, especially on the pillars. The tail lights weird. BUT….in other respects, it looks better than the new Aventador.

  3. @Authority Figure: “it looks better than the new Aventador”
    Please tell me what you are smoking and where did you bought it?

  4. I like it, especially the back looks very spacy. Of course it’s not in the same league as Lambo or Ferrari, but compared to Nobles, Ginettas and other cars made by small manufacturers it really stands out.
    Looking forward to more infos :)

  5. yeah I don’t think theres any doubt they stole most of the design for this car from the gallardo, reventon and aventador, but I gotta say they used only the best styling features from each car and i’d definitely be impressed if i saw one of these things on the road. This is definitely the best looking zr1 based supercar I’ve seen, and as long as it doesn’t actually cost as much as an aventador i’d say its probably a good buy.


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