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Car Crash: Porsche 911 Accident in Sao Paulo Brazil

Car Crash Porsche 911 Accident in Sao Paulo Brazil

A Porsche 911 Turbo driver was charged with murder after a serious crash that killed a young woman in the south of São Paulo, Brazil. The accident happened at 2:30 AM this Saturday in the Itaim Bibi area.

According to a witness that travelled behind the victim’s car, the woman crossed a red light and was hit by the Porsche. The small city car was thrown away more than 25 meters. Testimonials show that the vehicle speed at impact was more than 150km/h.

Carolina Cintra Santos Menezes, 28, died instantly. The driver of the Porsche, a 36 year-old engineer, had only minor injuries and was taken to St. Louis Hospital, where he remains hospitalized under police surveillance.

According to a police officer who was on the site, the driver showed signs of drunkenness and showed much concern with respect to the state of his German sports car. After being discharged from the hospital, he will be arrested and sent to a jail.


  1. This might sound cruel but:s*** happens whens you cross the red lights!They are there for a reason,they are there so that you wont get killed by a drunk driver that runs with more than 100kmh.The Porsche driver was drunk but for me its much as the womans fault that thought she would get faster home if she crossed the red lights.By the way,does anybody know if she was drunk too?At 2:30 AM you cant find many sober drivers…

  2. I honestly think he is wrongfully charged. Crap happens and it was mostly her fault for crossing a red light. The most he should get is a careless driving ticket because nobody can prove exactly how fast he was driving. The witness could have been an older driver and if the driver of the Porsche was doing 60 in a turn, it would look like he is doing over 100 mph based on the witness’s testimony. The fact that he walked away with minor injuries should show he was not doing over 100mph.

  3. I agree with Alex, although I’m more on the side on the Porsche driver.
    That b**** just screwed up the Porsche driver’s life. People speed all the time, no one expects there to be a car crossing their path when they’ve got a green light. Yes he had been drinking, but sober people speed as well. Her fault. Unfortunately, he’s the one who has to live with the consequences.

  4. @Honestly Speaking, they don’t need witnesses to determine the speed. They have experts who can calculate it based on the impact and the distance traveled after the impact. It’s a simple physics. And if the guy was truly drunk (they have to prove that with blood sample) and speeding he is guilty as hell. ’cause if he was sober and driving with normal speed the crash wouldn’t be deadly.

  5. Hi people, i’m brazilian and the accident was in the corner of my oficce.
    Tottaly agree that you can’t tell the speed just from outside if you are not an expert, but the true is that the speedometer locked at 150 kph also specially in br the guy is being crucified by the press for killing her, I belive both are tottaly wrong, for crossing red ligth and speed, also i’m not shure too if she wasn’t drunk. He deserve a fair and severe trial based on facts.
    Unfortunately here people with money don’t go to jail, he just paied a U$ 200.000,00 bail and it’s free with the condition of not traveling without the judge permit and going out after sunset specially bars and disco.

  6. I knew her, you “might” guy you will die in hell. She was an amazing girl! She was allowed to cross the red light when its past 10 pm in Brazil!!!! All my friends and her family are devastaded! Please show more respest for Carol.

  7. Well Ma a feel for her to, there’s a little mistake in your comment, Carol was not allowed to cross red ligth, authoryties in Br tolerates this transgression due to security problems at nigth, i’m shure if the guy was not speeding nor drunk she will be in deep troble instead. Again, the guy needs a severe trial, but fair and let Carol be and example of how more severe our laws should be to punish all kinds of infraction like these that allways happens as you know

  8. I am a friend of the victim. The car was travelling at 150kmh in a street with 60kmh speed limit (almost 3x its limit). And he did that in a quite small street in a residencial neighborhood. The other car oposing to what is said on the news is not a small city car. Its a Hyunday Tucson (an SUV). In Brazil it is ordinary (and legal) to cross the red light late at night at low speed in order to avoid smuglers as she did. It is not legal and sane to drive as fast as he did in a late weekend night specially in a street like that crossing other streets. To check the facts I mentioned look on the web for brazilian news and use google translate. The killer will respond in liberty as he paid a 200.000 dollars fine defined by the court. May Carol RIP

  9. Honestly Speaking: I’m not sure if there is an analogy for this in your country, but in Brazil, the Penal Code determines a crime can be intentional, culpable (not intentional but due to negligence), and eventual intent, which is what the DA is charging him for here. Eventual intent (dolo eventual) means the person takes an unnecessary risk which he knows may result in a person’s death. In other words, the Porsche driver knew that driving at 150 kph could result in a lethal accident and he took the risk anyway. This equates to intentional murder in Brazilian law and is tried by jury.


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