Top Gear Season 17 Episode 3

For some of you it is impossible to see the third episode of Top Gear Season 17 on the BBC, so we have combined the highlights of the show with a number clips showing the episode.

The videos below show for instance Jeremy Clarkson reviewing the brand new McLaren MP4-12C, which came out quite positively with respect to previous tests by other English automotive journalists, and 24-year-old Sebastian Vettel driving the reasonably priced Suzuki Liana.

Current update: Only these parts have been uploaded at this moment. Stay tuned for the other parts of Season 17 Episode 3.

For the time being these videos will stay online on YouTube. However, we do not know for how long. We just found them and posted it here. Enjoy!

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  1. mclaren vs ferrari thing was such bullcrap.

    how can every single other reviewer say the ferrari is faster,

    and suddenly mr clarkson who is not british biased at all gets the mclaren to go 3 seconds faster on his show.

    i wonder how fast it would have gone if it was german.

  2. It is quite easy… If the rumours are true then the Stig is Chris Goodwood, the test driver for McLaren, who tested the car on the Top Gear test track… 1+1=3 seconds faster… ;)


  3. Hate to break it to you but it was faster and by that much. Hard to take but it is fact. The key fact to take into account is Ferrari always sends non customer spec cars to group road tests. Its a PR spin thing that is starting to only now come out into the open.

  4. i still maintain there is a huge bias going on.

    anyone remember the cadillac vs hummer vs range rover test?

    “and the hummer has just stopped” =\

  5. TopGear can’t be field for comparison. They drove them in different time of the year, in different conditions. The hell we don’t know if the driver is the same. Did you saw him how he drove the McLaren? It was the best driving I’ve seen so far. Neither Ben Collins for Car magazine nor Roger Green for EVO magazine were that good. He know the car and the track like the back of his hand. The ultimate proof would’ve be Best Motoring, too bad they canceled it.

  6. I think the McLaren test driver is Chris Goodwin and not Chris Goodwood. Goodwin was co-commentator (albeit McLaren-biased) of Star Sports’ F1 coverage till 2006.


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