Overkill K1 Engineering Kit Car at Goodwood 2011

At the exhibitor’s area we came across a K1 Engineering kit car used as a display by Clarion in-car entertainment systems. The K1 Attack Roadster is produced by K1 Engineering, the only Slovak car producer, which deals with small batch production of “street” sports cars.

According to K1 Engineering, the Attack Roadster is designed for passionate drivers who want to experience the adrenaline of a competitive car on the road.

While looking at it we came to an unanimous conclusion. It is the closest you can get to an overkill at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Overkill K1 Engineering Kit Car at Goodwood 2011 01

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  1. The only overkill thing about this car are the wheels. And they can be changed. I personally like it with OZ Racing Superleggera. Or some BBS’. It’s far better looking than Lotus Elise though. And cheaper.

  2. I agree with Tom, I have seen and driven in a convoy with this car and i thnk it looks great. Yes it is a little in your face but its used as a show car so it needs to get peoples attention.
    The word “Overkill” is slighly harsh tho.

  3. I get the association. The K1 looks like a kit-car and by some folks estimation, is just that. After all, you can order it without a motor or drive train in the U.S. The exposed shocks, the Buck Rogers interior, and the array of wheels seen on each car, its hard to take it seriously.

    One thing is safe, it’s not Goodwood material.

  4. I don’t think there is anything “overkilled” about this car. It’s about time someone made a slightly unique car.


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