Car Crash Ferrari Driver Attacks Cab Driver in Las Vegas

Accidents happen! And almost every driver on the road knows what it is like to sort the damage and paperwork after an accident. The driver of this F430 Spider thought differently, and attacked the driver of the taxi that hit him from behind. The cab driver started crying after getting slapped for hitting the back end of Ferrari.

Check below what happened exaclty after the taxi driver bumped into the Ferrari in Las Vegas.

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  1. If I spent around $200,000 on a Ferrari and some idiot drove into the back of me I would feel like punching them too!!

    I probably would have stopped after he started crying though. LOL

  2. Materialistic son of a b****! Its only a car(=1500 kg metal and plastic). I would sue that son of a b**** and get his house and his car, but repaired. ;-)

  3. if the ferrari driver had a brain, he would’ve known that the insurance would pay him for repairs, why being such an ass?

    luck for him the taxi driver wasnt me

  4. They both look like mentals to me. I would say only in Amercia but sadly theres nutjobs the world over. At least this guys ..hiding?? and filming it.

  5. Taxi driver should have called Persbrandt then the Ferrari driver would not have been treated in much worse way=)

    The Bruce

  6. I wanted to say, finally a vid from the US without the famous “Oh my gawd….”
    I was wrong…..
    Still, I would be pissed when a cab driver hits my car (they drive like morons most of the time) but I would not hit a crying guy in his face.


  7. Pff it is only a shitty 458 that catches fire constantly. I hope someone finds the guy and burns his beloved 458 to the ground.

  8. @Kris… meant 430, so this guy even poorer if he got upset if someone rear ended him. I would understand if this guy got upset if someone rear ended his 250 GTO. Not some every mans Ferrari thats out of date.

    355… 360… 430… 458 are all crap.

  9. From the video, it sounds like he broke the cab driver’s teeth out.

    I hope the cab driver finds this video and sues the hell out of this idiot


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