Nissan GT-R

According to the latest rumors Nissan is working on another upgrade of the GT-R. This model is set to sing its final swansong.

Since the introduction of the current Nissan R35 generation GT-R in 2007, the Japanese company has launched successive improvements on its sportscar. The revised 2012 GT-R features an engine with revised mapping, changes to valve timing, larger inlets and a revised exhaust system which boosts rated power to 530bhp and 612Nm of torque. But an even more powerful version is on the way.

According to the people at 7tune the GT-R is to get a power boost. The output of the 3.8 liter twin-turbo is set to increase from 530 horsepower up to 560.

But even more interesting is that a Spec R version of the GT-R is said to be in the works. This model is set to succeed the current Spec V model and could be the final model of the current GT-R. This version will see a reduction of 30 ~ 40 kilograms in overall weight plus the addition of a gold engine cover to replace the current red version adorning the Spec V.

Development of the new GT-R has been postponed due to the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, delaying the car’s launch by several months. These are expected to be the final iterations of the R35 before its successor arrives. No doubt the Spec R is going to be the ultimate road going GT-R.

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  1. The R36 = 600 bhp and 100 kg lighter than GTR-R. Prices +6-10% incl VAT. (No fake info). 15-20 faster than V spec cars when it arrives in 2013-14. Order books open end of 2012.


  2. everything is extremely impressive, but really don’t like the way it looks :P it could be faster than a Ferrari, but it’s ugly

  3. for me the spec R will be the best car in the world, like the current und 1st one was. japanese perfection, like the LFA :)

  4. Nice…. but we brought 2009 standard GT-R one month ago… after 3 days the gearbox was damaged… now our GT-R is 21 days at service and we are driving Nissan Note instead of it…

    Think twice before you purchase that car.. :(

  5. Oh, I forgot… previous owner didn’t complete annual warranty service (the car has done 5 500 km) and Nissan refused to repair it under warranty… BTW read the warranty book carefully… it is very thick with many many restrictions…


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