According to rumors the next generation BMW 1-Series will move up a class in order to make room for the new family of front wheel drive BMW’s and to differentiate the cars from the other models from the 1-Series.

BMW is said to be considering launching a 2-series line comprising of the 2-series coupe (F22), the 2-series convertible (F23) and M-variants of these cars. These are essentially the next generation 1-series coupe and convertible, but renamed as the 2-series.

But now BMW has reportedly filed trademarks on terms ‘M2’ and ‘BMW M2’. This suggests a future successor of the current BMW 1-Series M Coupé is in the works.

According to BMWblog a possible M2 won’t be revealed until 2014-2015, so the naming convention, or even the green light for such model are years down the road. But the prospect of a lightweight coupé and perhaps even a cabrio powered by a brand new high performance four cylinder turbocharged engine sounds interesting. Stay tuned for more!

[Via 1addicts]

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