Forza Service in the Dutch city of Oss is one of the biggest independent Ferrari specialists in Europe. Forza Service was founded in 1993 by Alex Jansen and has since then established a great reputation when it comes to maintenance, repair and especially restoration of Ferraris. Customers come from far beyond the Dutch borders to Forza Service where Alex and his team of six highly skilled and in-house trained mechanics work their magic.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ‘Daytona’ Prototype

Forza Service has done some incredible projects, from a Ferrari 212 Export preparation for the Mille Miglia to a full restauration of a damaged Ferrari F40. During our visit to the Forza Service work shop there were three projects that are especially worth mentioning. The first project was the first Ferrari 365 GTB/4 also known as the Ferrari Daytona. This particular car is the first ever Daytona and has some differences from the final model. Based on the Ferrari 275 GTB/4 this Daytona concept still features the nose of the 275 GTB/4, later models would have the new Daytona nose. Forza Service does a full restauration of this unique Daytona which is due to be finished later this year.

Ferrari 550 Prodrive

The second project that Alex showed us is a Ferrari 550 Prodrive. Initiated by Prodrive after the Ferrari 550 won Le Mans it was their idea to make a street version of the winning race car. The car was brought to Forza Service to be perfected and to bring the appearance as close to the original race car as possible. Originally Prodrive planned to build 50 cars but only one ever left their factory. The 550 Prodrive is currently in the final stage at Forza, as final touch a street version of the 10-spoke race wheels that has been specially made for Forza will be added.

Pininfarina Rosso

The third project is a unique Pinnifarina concept car: the Pininfarina Rosso. The Rossa, built in 2000 for Pininfarina’s 70th anniversary and the only one in the world. It was brought back to Forza specially for our visit after Forza Service returned the car to its technical top condition and made a range of modifications as requested by the owner. The Pininfarina Rosso belongs to a Dutch Ferrari collector and has since the visit to Forza Service made its appearance at the Hungaroring race track among others. If you look at the Rosso from different angles you will see many design elements that returned in different Ferrari’s of the last decade including the Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F430 and Ferrari 599 GTB.

Forza Service does more than just maintenance, reparation and restauration but also offers advice and the opportunity to buy used or new cars. Since Forza Service is an independent Ferrari specialist they generally don’t maintain cars that are still under the three year Ferrari factory warranty.

Forza Service workshop in Oss was originally build in 1995. The company expanded rapidly and in 2005 a new two storey high wing with showroom and storage space has been added. In recent years a new reception area marked the latest development of Forza Service.

In the reception area you are greeted by an ever changing Ferrari on display, in our case a Ferrari F40 in excellent condition. In the modern reception you will also find a shop area where various Ferrari memorabilia and merchandise is available. Right behind the reception is the workshop where two dedicated teams work on the current projects and maintenance for clients. One team is dedicated to modern Ferrari’s and the other is the Classische department that gained worldwide fame with the many restorations and rally preparations.

In the back of the workshop is an area dedicated to work on the engines, a job that Forza Service founder Alex Jansen still enjoys doing the most.

Forza Service founder Alex Jansen in a classic Ferrari F1 car

Across the ‘Piazza’ as Alex calls the courtyard you will find a showroom with a range of Ferrari’s for sale and some Ferrari’s waiting for their scheduled maintenance, repair or restoration. The first floor is often used for special events like the annual meeting of the Ferrari Club or to display rare collections to clients.

For more information about Forza Service or their latest projects visit

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