Goodwood Breakfast Club - pre 73'

Today kicked off the 2011 run of ‘Goodwood Breakfast Club’ meetings at the world famous Goodwood race track in West Sussex, UK. As with all Breakfast club events there is a theme, and today’s was Pre 73′ Tax Free and modern eco-friendly vehicles. However as always a few that don’t fit the criteria sneaked their way onto the track.

There was a massive turn out today with all of the home straight, paddock and surrounding car parks, packed with both classic and modern sports cars. The highlight of classics would be the pair of Miura’s that turned up, a P400 and P400SV, the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, 275 GTB and 330’s.

There was also a good selection of modern sports and supercars in the visitors car parks. With the Spyker C8, Porshce Carrera GT, Pagani Zonda C12 and various incarnations of the Porsche 911 stand out as well as a Mercedes 300 SE pick up and a Aston Martin Cygnet! Toyota iQ.

For more pictures check out Flickr and we’ll be in attendance of the next ‘Goodwood Breakfast Club’ at the begin of April for Soft Top Sunday!

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