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Information suggesting imminent demise appear of the BMW Ring Taxi at the Nurburgring are becoming reality. The Nürburgring management have also removed all offers relating to taxi rides from the official website and they have also send an email which confirms they’re not running it this year. That company is OK Speed Marketing, and the ‘Ring Taxi’ name is theirs.

They fact that the BMW M5 Ring Taxi disappear is a real pity. A lot of readers are passionate drivers that are fans of BMW, fans of Sabine and fans of the Nurburgring. This story continues the downfall of the circuit, its management and the way in which car enthusiasts can enjoy the unique racing track in the German Eifel. We hope that the service will return with the BMW F10 M5 to be introduced at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Dear Ring-Taxi® customer,

our preparation for season 2011 has been completed. We are looking forward to a common Ring-Taxi® season 2011.

During our jubilee-season 2011 we enlarged our traditional taxi service. So enjoy with us pure driving fun. Powered by classical sportscars such as Porsche 911 GT3 (415hp) Clubsport 997 or MINI John Cooper Works (211hp). Driven by proofed and licensed pilots.

Enjoy Your favourite car as co-pilot
Porsche 911 Clubsport 997 (415hp) price 349,- EURO incl. 19% VAT
MINI John Cooper Works (211hp), price 195,- EURO incl. 19% VAT

On top you will enjoy our traditional services, served on the most famous race-tracks, starting with one lap Nürburgring (D) Nordschleife (20,832km) or three laps in Spa-Francorchamps (B), the Ardens Grand-Prix Circuit (21,003km) or accompanied by further attractions during the season.

Your Ring-Taxi® opportunities until May 2011
Nürburgring Nordschleife (D): 19.03.2011 / 25.03.2011
Spa-Francorchamps (B): 09.04.2011 / 10.04.2011 / 13.04.2011 / 18.04.2011 / 24.05.2011

How will you repeat your Ring-Taxi® adventure? (limited to Porsche)
We can realize your individual Ring-Taxi-lap as video served on USB stick.
The Ring -Taxi® video, 29.90 EURO (inkl. 19% VAT)
Life pics, sounds and data of car, track and (co)-pilot.

Relevant information
Ticket can be booked only with a fixed date for ring-taxi drive.
The ring-taxi adventure is limited to one person only.

If you have further questions please contact as by telephone hot line or by mail.

Ring-Taxi hotline



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