Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador Paint Problems

We’re yet to see the LP700-4 Aventador. It will get its official unveiling at this years Geneva Motor Show at the end of the month. We do know that potential customers have seen the car though. In fact, Lamborghini have been doing the rounds, showing the cars to potential clients. At one of these meetings it seems that a Luxury4Play forum member found out that customer cars are likely to see delays in shipping.

According to the poster, the carbon fiber weave design shows through the paint. Sant’Agata are apparently pondering whether to delay delivery of all cars until the problems are fixed or send out those ordered in white (apparently the colour least affected) whilst sorting the others. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more information!


  1. I don’t see that as a problem. In fact, it would be pretty cool to see the weave through the paint, like the F40. Unless it affects the perceived shininess. Shiny cars do look good.

  2. Well if these were 70’s or 80’s, these car would go out as if nothing happened.

    But since the Audi is the owner, German perfectionism applies here also. :D:D

  3. The CF they use for the bodywork is not a perfect weave like you’re used to seeing on spoilers, etc. I agree that carbon fiber showing through the paint would be cool but it wouldn’t be very flattering with the irregular weave.

  4. And don’t forget many poser drive Lamborghini nowadays and they don’t want the weave structure because like Perdition said it’s not the well sorted weaves you see on spoilers etc.!


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