Amari Design Range Rover Sport 2010 Windsor Edition

Armari Design is back with a second program within their line-up. This time they have taken on the Range Rover Sport.

The British 4×4 got a decent exterior package with a different front bumper with daylight running lights, rear bumper, wide wheel arches, door moldings, roof spoiler, carbon front grill, carbon side vents, rear difusser (ABS plastic or carbon fiber), carbon hood and exhaust tips. The conversion also comes in a non-wide version for clients looking for a more discreet look.

Additionally, customers can choose from a line-up of forged wheels with three face designs on three different wheel concepts: deep concave, monoblock and two piece . The wheels pictured here are the new AD1 deep concave.

On performance side the 5.0 liter supercharged engine got an increase in horsepower to 611bhp. That is an increase of 108bhp from the standard 503bhp.

Amari Design Range Rover Sport 2010 Windsor Edition 01

[Via WorldCarFans]


  1. @kolossus: Do you know what “smooth” means in english? This thing is everything but smooth. This is one fat, heavy, cumbersome, generally disgusting POS, that reflects the complete incompetence of whoever made it. And I highly suspect that you are a PR sub for Amari (a bad one).

    (and the rims are awful BTW)

  2. @avalancher, man no need to get on so insulting seem to me if you think kollosson is PR sub for this company, then you are certainly one for the competition, everyone has different tastes this isn’t actually mine, but I can see how people would like it , but the wheels are freakin awesome!!!!!!!!

  3. @avalancher – we are all entitled to our opinions, as miscontrued as some might find them. Smooth to me means nice body lines…the angled view in the first picture is gorgeous. However, I’m a truck/suv guy so I love it.

    @Manny – thanks bro! And the wheels are “freaking awesome!”

    @jdef90 – how can you tell?


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