Citroen Survolt

Besides the WRC converted race cars and the GT shown in Paris, Citroën doesn’t really offer any sports car, but that will change in the near future. The French manufacturer brought its Survolt to Brussels to show their intention to create a enviromental friendly sports car.

Citroën is taking the possiblity of creating this car for production seriously and there is a big change it will be hitting dealerships by 2012.

The Survolt is powered by two electro-engines which create together a total power output of 300bhp. A sprint from standstill to 100km/h (62mph) is done in just five seconds. The top speed is 260km/h (162mph).

When the batteries are fully charged you’ll be able to drive 200km (125 miles) at an average speed. After that distance the car will need to charge its batteries for at least two hours.

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  1. Just 2 hours!!! Versus 5 min to fill up the tank. No thanks! Why they keep trying to make electric sports cars. Sports cars should be loud and fast, and fun. Make electric SUVs and limousines and minivans, I’m OK with that. But PLEASE, don’t touch the sports cars!!!

  2. This is the future my friends … Maybe it won’t be a sports car but what you are saying it’s like a 4 year old boy dream. LOUD AND FAST. Think like an engineer. In 20 years you won’t have a car LOUD AND FAST. Maybe we won’t have cars any more. If you want to enjoy the plasure of driving we must develop a solution.

    I like sports car too but i don’t think that way. It’s totally wrong. If you want sports car in future, you must have cars like this. This is the evolution.

  3. I am an engineer my friend. And as one I’m completely familiar with the future. Infact as of this moment I work over electric car project. But the difference is that we make cheap efficient city car. This is the future for the electric cars, in the everyday cars. Where the performance of the car is not crucial. But when the weekend comes I want to fire up my pumped up Lotus Elise with Honda K20 engine and to rev it till the limiter engages and to drive it madly on the track or on some mountain road and to race from time to time. Becouse as a huge petrol head this makes my day and this is the moment for which I live. And no electric car with its heavy batteries, and silent electric motors and lousy range can give me that feeling. I know I am a bit radical, but this is the way I feel. And I am not alone, and I can assure you that in 20 years I would continue to drive laoud and fun sports cars.

  4. this car is like… the very first mobile phone, first ever flat screen TV, first ever laptop etc. sure right now electric viehicles like Tesla Roadster aren’t a proper competitor to petrol sports cars, but in about 10 years that will change, dramatically. Just wait for next gen models which will have much better range, a much lighter battery pack and improved almost everything :)

    And don’t forget about max torque available from 0 RPM, it’s a pure fun, isn’t it?

  5. Fine.. Fire up your useless car and rev it up then mr. engineer. Every car good or bad has a meaning. This is how the “dream” cars are born. Fastcars are not just “pedal to the metal” and first tree that comes in your way.

    And if you work in an electric car project… Please proove that your car is better than this. I can’t hardly wait.. :P

  6. @Bogdan, you got me all wrong and you try to drag me into some useless argument. And I have nothing to prove to you, but if you can say that Smart ForFour is better than Mercedes SLS you can say that the car we are working on is better than Survolt. You can’t comare the two at all. We try to develop small 4 seat city car, with range over 200km and top speed about 130km/h.
    And I’ll try to avoid trees in future. But the harsh truth is electric cars are not good enough to be sports cars. When the firs cars where born more than 100 years ago they was transport vehicles. Not sports cars. Now when we try to reinvent the electric vehicle this is where we should start. More than 90% of the vehicles in the world are used for transport, not for fun. So companies like Citroen should invest their money in useful everyday cars, not in PR projects like Survolt, ‘couse the technology we have now is not good enough for fast cars. It’s too heavy, not enough range. We have much better petrol sports cars. Period!!!

  7. @kris_vd, my way of thinkin is the same than yours. I agree with you. Enjoy fast driving on race track, germans highway with no limits sectors and country like Poland, Croatia, Slovakia etc. when broke the limits is cheap and coruptions is still popular. Danger for now is European Union who planned stupid driver databse in all EU.


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