LP670-4SV Hood

When we talk about overkill, we discuss characteristic upgrades to cars. Not an overkill, but perhaps rather different is this transparant hood added to a Lamborghini LP 670-4 SV.

The package, offered by Al & Ed’s, adds a stereo system to your trunk and makes the typical SuperVeloce stitching more visible by using LED-lights.

LP670-4SV Hood

LP670-4SV Hood

[Via L4P]


  1. That design would appear to reduce drag coefficiency, because the faux carbon fiber and glass aren’t bonded/sealed flush. Modifications to a Lamborghini should improve it, not impair it. Drag would reduce fuel efficiency, change top speed, etc.

    Aside from this, it gives the car a hollow appearance, which is anti-thesis to the strong solid appearance of supercars. Also, its ugly or gaudy – take your pick. lol

    Lastly, you don’t buy a LP670 to show off your stereo. That’s what Gecko’s Jetta is for. (where is that guy anyway? lol) If one of my buddies showed up in this “thing” he’d be strongly encouraged to see a psychiatrist…..and find a new buddy. lol

  2. The carbon fiber wrapped front bonnet was designed strictly for show purposes. It allows the car to be photographed when on display without the hood being open and still show off the Kenwood eXcelon products and custom build. Of course a car of this caliber should have its original hood and when this beauty is not on display the factory hood is on it. Please visit our web site http://www.AE54.com for more customized Lamborghinis.


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