Video Alex Roy Needs a New Car - Which One?

Alex Roy doesn’t need any introduction on GTspirit. The rally veteran is asking for help via the Fast Lane Daily video channel on YouTube. He is asking us which car he should buy. He has $ 20K to spend on a used car and is asking all of you which car he should get.

Of course criteria have been set. An automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are needed! Any other suggestions or comments are up to you. What car should he get?


  1. i think mitsubhshi evo 9. all of whats needed. only its not a european or american car, alex seems to be lookin at only those. and its not exactly understated. out of the options he was looking at, the audi a4 quattro.

  2. Pontiac GTO 2005 ish, yeah its ugly and doesnt look like much but it doesnt attract attention and its got the LS2. For something AWD I would go with the S4, my dad has the 2008 with the V8 and he loves it. He bought it for the reason that it was a stealthy subtle car that blends in with everything else, but its fun in the corners and is relatively fast.


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