Chrome and Carbon Range Rover Project

Chrome and Carbon have released photos of one of their latest projects: a custom Range Rover Sport HSE for a client from Abu Dhabi. They’ve basically applied a custom colour scheme to a Revere London Range Rover HSE. The modifications include a new front and rear bumper and side skirts.

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  1. I happen to believe that off road vehicles are ought to look like they are driven off road, and usually I am adamant that Rovers, which can float in rivers and withstand sand storms be treated as assault vehicles lol, but I do like this.

    I agree the back is seriously cluttered. The stickers and extra badges have to go. And a Ranger Rover ought to say on the Front. That Revere stuff ought to be left off. At most, put on ONE side as a small badge beneath the engine inlet. The wheel are sweet as candy. Love em.

  2. more I’m looking at, more like it… generally nice concept, sth new in “arab-white” standard… I like the arch extensions… wheels are interesting comparing to other REVERE models… the other hand I can see there some quality problems with bonet (not match the body at the corners…). And there is KAHN rear spoiler :) so I like it.


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