Gold & Platinum Ultima Jewelry Luxury Toy Car Models

Ever wondered what could be the most luxurious toy for a petrolhead. Perhaps this 1/43 scale model Lamborghini in gold and platinum. The example we came across via is a Lambo Reventon.

The headlights are diamonds and the tail lights are rubies. Prices start at about 25,000 euros in silver, and go way up from there. Gold models start at 55,000 euros, while the platinum version starts at 88,000 euros.

Of course, you kids will have the most appropriate toy they could have wished for! In true style while you are sitting in front of your fireplace drinking a glass wine and enjoying the happiness of your kid with his new toy.


  1. The Lamborghini is appropriate for it’s cat like stealth, the speed will sneak up on you before you know it. And I’ll take the platinum one since we are dreaming anyway.


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