Wimmer RS Golf R 'Red Devil V'

Normally, we wouldn’t present a story about a Volkswagen Golf. But when a tuning company presents a model that produces 478hp, we think you might want to hear about it!

Wimmer RS have given the sixth generation Golf ‘R’ a stage V tuning kit. The list of upgrades is extensive and includes modifications to the ECU, tuning of the turbocharger, injection nozzles, connecting rods, lamp coatings, cylinder heads, a larger intercooler, changes in the air intake system and a new air intake pipe. A new crank shaft has been installed with another oil pump, a second low pressure fuel pump and sport camshafts are also included as well as a completely new, handmade high-grade stainless steel sports exhaust system measuring 84mm in diameter.

As a result, the Golf ‘R’ sees hp gains from 270hp right up to 478hp giving a power to weight ratio of 3.04kg per hp. Torque rises from 350Nm to 610Nm and top speed is delimited to 290km/h (180mph).

Modifications to the handling include a coil spring set and helical spring set which moves the car lower to the ground. A high performance brake system is also available as an option to the customer. There aren’t any styling changes meaning that this Golf R is about as stealth as they come!

This might possibly be our choice as an everyday tuning car! Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

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  1. Well if I wasn’t drove one Golf R weeks ago I would probably love this one, but now I know for sure that this car has awfull handling and I asume this power only makes it worst so no thanks! But I am sure the americans would love it. It should be very fast at straight line ;)

  2. Noway this car has 478hp.

    Just in case this car would have 478hp, it should do far more than 300 km/h

    These datas doesn’t match.

    I suggest just 350 hp.

  3. It should have good traction off the line and grip around the corners, as the Golf R is AWD ( like its predecessor the Golf R32).. but the steering is a bit wooden and uninspiring for the Golf R, and no amount of HP will fix that …

  4. The car handles too much like FWD. And this power will just make it worst. It needs new defferentials settings and a bit of suspension setup. You see, it is FWD with clutch to send power to the back. It should be constant AWD with around 40-60% front-rear torq split and ofcourse to change that if is necessary. Just my opinion ;)


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