Bugatti Galibier

Rumours are circulating indicating that Bugatti have given the Galibier the green light. It’s being suggested that the car will be released in 2013 after Bugatti have completed the entire Veyron production run. An insider told us that the vehicle is based upon a Bentley chassis setup, suggesting the current Mulsanne.

Only 300 cars will be built at a price tag of around $ 1.5 million (€ 1.1 million). It will most likely use the same W16, losing two turbochargers for a more modest 800bhp output!

[Via Autoblog]

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  1. Bugatti is a modern name from the past for Playboy 10 year-olds who only know that one name. Bugatti has always made Super cars and saloons. Its inevitable.


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